763 Celebrities Dead After Covid Vax!

English version:

763 celebrities dead after Covid vaccine! How many more citizens died then?! | www.kla.tv/25840

Before reading further: here is a list of possible remedies for the “side effects” of the various vaccines: https://www.eduarddeboer.org/antidotes/. And, according to several doctors and scientists, this one stands out:https://drsircus.com/chlorine-dioxide/the-best-treatment-for-vaccine-and-viral-induced-myocarditis/.

Furthermore: In early 2020, I immediately dove deep into the pandemic matter and I have since devoted a number of articles, compositions and interviews to this subject. An overview of these can be found on this webpage: https://www.eduarddeboer.org/articles-compositions-and-interviews-inspired-by-current-times/

This is a shocking documentary. So many people in the prime of their lives, who were perfectly healthy before the shot, who suddenly dropped dead after the shot or became terribly ill and disabled.
For example, the video features a beautiful young lady whose both legs had to be amputated (see at 30:33 min.), and a guitarist who fell into a coma, and when he came to, 8 fingers had been amputated (see at 31:45)!

Some names

Deceased famous musicians:
Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim, see at 16:30 min.
Composer Flavio Mazzocchi, see at 10:51 min.
Composer Raam Laxman, see at 15:58
Composer Armando Romero Molina, see at 24:06
Conductor Adrian Tan (44), see at 13:56
Conductor Tom Hammond, see at 14:01
Conductor Christoph Stiller, see at 23:12
Conductor Stefan Soltész, see at 20:03
Conductor Yuji Yuasa, see at 23:22
Conductor Henrie Adams, see at 22:34
Pianist/conductor Lars Vogt, see at 20:46
Pianist Alberto Crivellari, zie bij 25:02
Pianist Chihiro Arai, see at 23:21
Georgian pianist Alexander Toradze, see at 5:34
Violinist Nagai Sriram, see at 17:00 First solo violinist of the Orchestre de Paris Phillipe Aïche, see at 23:04
Soprano Zoë Hwang, see at 20:30
Opera singer Chu Lanlan (39!), see at 23:20
Opera singer Elisa Martello (32), see at 19:55
Opera singer Lenka Šmídová, see at 20:12
Countertenor Max Riebl (31), see at 18:56
Tenor Rafael Rojas, see at 14:52
Baritone Emil Havold Næshagen (29!), see at 20:15
Opera singer Yuri Mausin, see at 19:58
Music legend Johnny Ventura, see at 13:30
Brett Tuggle, keyboard player of Fleetwood Mac, see at 19:24

Deceased other celebrities:
Ronnie Turner, son of Tina Turner, see at 22:43
Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, see at 11:02
Film director Wolfgang Petersen, from for instance Air Force One, see at 20:09
Russian ballerina Alesya Lazareva (20!), see at 18:03
Dancer Yogesh Gupta (20!), see at 4:20
‘Golden girl’-actor Betty White, see at 24:49
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, see at 14:13
Soccer legend Pelé, see at 22:49
Céline Dion, see at 33:58 and 35:57

Celebrities who became seriously ill or handicapped after the ‘vaccine’:
Composer Ivan Calderon, see at 36:27
Pianist Giovanni Allevi, see at 11:21
Pianist Philip Leslie (27!), see at 29:45
Opera singer Ainhoa Arteta, see at 29:28
Singer Roberta Flack, see at 35:52
Greek singer Nana Mouskouri, see at 34:27 and 36:03
Pop singer Britney Spears, see at 35:47
Pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Catherina Ringer, see at 1:47
Popstar Yeojin (19!), see at 3:26
Tenor singer Julio Iglesias, see at 34:36
Pop legend Eric Clapton, see at 36:46
Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, see at 36:52
Michael Flatley from the dance group Riverdance, see at 36:21
Batman film -director Matt Reeves, see at 36:54
Actor Bruce Willis, see at 34:46
Film director Lars von Trier, see at 34:56
Tennis player Rafael Nadal, see at 35:48
Tennis player Martina Navrátilová, see at 36:16
Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, see at 35:33
Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, see atj 34:51
Wikileaks hero Julian Assange, see at 29:45

See also: Thermographic Imaging Shows Massive Blood Clots in the Asymptomatic Vaccinated: https://odysee.com/@EduarddeBoerComposer:e/Thermographic_Imaging_Shows_Massive_Blood_Clots_in_the_Asymptomatic:3

See also : https://stichtingvaccinvrij.nl/bewijs-grootschalige-vaccinatieschade-vaers-data-in-vs-toont-aan-dat-al-na-vijf-dagen-bekend-was-hoe-gevaarlijk-mrna-injecties-zijn/ (in Dutch).