About the composition The Final Liberation of Man

I recently came across this article, called Cursus in Conspiracy on the website tribute.nu. In addition to this well-written article, there are two PDF files to be found of a so-called ‘Manual’ or, in Dutch, ‘Handleiding’. When you open the English file, it becomes clear that the full title is VIRE US, A PAN- AND ACA-DEMIC STEP-BY-STEP MANUAL TO HELP SPREAD AWARENESS. Soon after the outbreak of the current virus I wrote the article More about Coming to Light, outlining why I have the feeling that there is something very dark behind it. However, the ‘Manual’ not only dives a lot deeper into this aspect than I do in my article, it also takes the reader ‘by the hand’ on a ‘step-by-step’ journey into the darkness, in doing so hopefully rendering it suitable for family members and friends of persons who know what is actually going on, with the rational logic of a chess player. I personally think that, contrary to my own article, this document proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the current pandemic situation has been planned since a number of years, if not decades. Since I think this information is of crucial importance, I have taken it upon me the help spread the document by making it accessible also on my website. An English version can be read and downloaded here and a Dutch version here.

To quote the author:

I am a member of a group that wishes to remain anonymous. We as a group have collected the information as outlined in this manual and we feel the urge to share it with as many readers as possible. We feel that this is a way in which we can contribute to influencing the outcome of what is now happening globally and therefore we don’t want to keep this knowledge to ourselves any longer.

I have taken it upon me to shape the information we gathered collectively into the manual that you are about to read. It is a step-by-step manual that is meant to help spread awareness. Fortunately, the number of people who are aware of what is actually happening is growing. It needs to increase even more, though, especially between now and 2022. We hope that this document will be helpful in contributing to this.

At the end of his manual, the author suggests that we come out of our comfort zones. What is unfolding now can be compared with Thomas Mann’s brilliant novel Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain). During the whole of this novel, protagonist Hans Castorp is living in his comfort zone bubble of a mountainous health resort, isolated from the outside world, because he may or may not have been infected with tuberculosis. At the very end of the novel, though, it suddenly turns out that in the outside world, World War I has erupted, and he is enlisted as a soldier to go to the front – where he will very probably die, according to the novel’s author. What is needed now is peaceful disobedience on a massive scale and therefore, spreading information like this is now crucial.

I also concur with what the author states in page 29 of the Manual: I am not suicidal, nor have I ever been and will I ever be. And my immune systems is functioning just fine. I do not give my consent to being infected or being harmed by any other means as described in Project Zephr (see page 8 of the Manual) or otherwise. So, I count on it that no harm will done to me or to my family, nor to anyone spreading this article, thereby making clear that he or she doesn’t consent to being harmed either.

Furthermore, here is some more recent information, partly about foreknowledge of governments around the world, interesting for investigative journalists. And finally, I found a comprehensive article on the internet, partly overlapping my findings and partly providing new information. It can be read here. Once you start investigating, the amount of indications pointing toward the virus being a preplanned event are endless.

The pcr test appears to be less innocent than tey may seem to be. To begin with: I fail to see the logic of why a swab must be inserted deeply into one’s head in order to be able to determine whether or not one carries a virus that is so dangerous to someone else’s life that one’s mere breath can be lethal, while at the same time one has no symtomps of feeling ill whatsoever. This doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Anyway, here is a document about possible dangers of the pcr test in Dutch and here is an English translation.

In 2021, more and more links appeared to information about the the newly developed vaccines that the mainstream media don’t provide. In addition to this, a number of documentaries about the current pandemic situation showed up that have great persuasive power. I made a document of these links, adding to it the various links about the pandemic situation that I placed on this website earlier. This document can be viewed here.

As all this information may be depressing, I wrote the composition ‘The Final Liberation of Man‘ as to help to keep up high spirits. Here is more information about this composition and when you scroll down, you will find links to downloadable mp3s of the music.