Articles, Compositions and Interviews inspired by current times

Dear reader,

Recently, while checking the news on my computer, I came across this message: You can choose ‘English’ at the top right corner and then the article’s title is “We were lied to”: Prominent media figure Ben Shapiro finally admits he was wrong in promoting vaccines.

This confirms a feeling I have been starting to get more and more lately: that we are slowly approaching a tipping point, where the information poured over everyone’s heads since March 2020 is gradually giving way to factual information. You may perhaps know that just before the pandemic broke out completely unexpectedly in March 2020, a conference called Event 2(0)1 was held, and that at that meeting it was recommended ‘to flood the zone’ with exactly the kind of information that was massively disseminated after the sudden actual outbreak of the pandemic. Many many more indications of ‘foreknowledge’ have been compiled in this very recommendable article & video: When you switch to the English language, you will see this title and subtitle: Shocking WHO plan uncovered – Plan 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030 (Video). A virologist from the World Health Organization has revealed on Dutch television that the WHO has a 10-year plan for infectious diseases, from 2020 to 2030. The video is in English.

Indeed for some time now, it has been possible to establish with certainty that the current pandemic has been a planned one, and that it was brought into the world for a specific purpose. People like Dr David E. Martin, for example, have researched and proven this extensively. I belong to the group of people who knew this from the start, and I also devoted a few articles to this right at the beginning of 2020 and circulated them – unfortunately with no result other than angry and aggressive reactions. Therefore, since I was born a composer, I decided to ‘stick to my last’ and have since written a number of compositions inspired by ‘the current state of the world’. An overview of both the articles and the compositions can be found below.

As you can see, I have nonetheless written three articles recently. The first one was prompted respectively by a difficult to find article by World Economic Forum Young Global Leader Ida Auken, entitled Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better; an article, written back in 2016, describing exactly the kind of post-pandemic world we are currently heading towards, supposedly at the hands of the pandemic. The second one was prompted by the enforced admission by senior Pfizer executive Janine Small, that the vaccines that had been placed on the market had not been pre-tested on whether they would prevent transmission of the coronavirus, even though it had been strongly suggested that this had been the case. This admission in particular has huge implications, and I think it is of the utmost importance that this is addressed as soon as possible. Finally, in the wake of both these articles, I produced a third article, about the – now deleted – sinister predictions regarding a huge world population decline on the website, complete with some screenshots taken at a time when they had not yet been removed.

In the article that I wrote about the implications of Ms Small’s confession, it is shown that far more people have already died or been damaged as a direct result of corona vaccines than can even remotely be called ‘acceptable’. In other words, for some time now and even as we speak, a giant machine has been damaging and even killing people, without the attention that is needed to stop it. And anyone who, in any way, contributes to maintaining the now debunked covid-narrative is in fact part of this machine. That is the inescapable conclusion of my articles, and of similar articles and videos by many others..

It is clear that, certainly in 2020, many people followed the official narrative and helped propagate it out of good intentions. But now we are over 2½ years on and approaching the tipping point mentioned above. Continuing to help propagate the official narrative can no longer coexist with good intentions, and thus can no longer be reconciled with a clear conscience.

I would therefore ask you to then take note of this article: Should you then share my conclusion that the people quoted in this article are right to have come to their conclusions, you can continue with reading this article: Next, I would recommend this article:, which shows, among other things, that governments around the world were already buying covid-19 test kits years before the “sudden and completely unexpected” outbreak of covid; or the article, which reveals that the website was predicting a massive decline in the world’s population as early as 2013. And then there are some articles that delve further into the question why all this was planned.

I would like to thank you in advance if you are willing to take this trouble. Not only we ourselves, but especially our children and grandchildren deserve this.

November 2022

List of articles, compositions and interviews

I. Articles, with links: (Dutch) (early 2020) (English) (early 2020) (Dutch) (early 2020) (English) (early 2020) (Dutch) (June 2022) (English) (October 2022) (English) (October 2022) (English) (November 2022) (English) (November 2022)

Here is a compiled list of antidotes to both the vaccine and the so-called ‘shedding’ phenomenon:

II. Compositions:
Composed before 2020:
Coming to Light, for wind band (2013):

Prelude to a New Era & Prelude to a Peaceful World, for fanfare orchestra or wind band (2015):

Das Leben, das ich selbst gewählt (The life I chose myself), for high voice and piano (2015):

De Gekkenstad (The City of Fools), for voice and piano (2018): 

The Final Liberation of Man, for orchestra with choir (2018/2020):

Composed as of 2020:
Concert Overture Mindia 2020, for wind band (early 2020):

Einsamkeit (Loneliness), for voice and piano (2020):

Sta op en Schitter (Arise and Shine), for high voice and piano (2020):

An Ardent Love Affair (2021)
Version for tenor, baritone, piano and choir ad libitum:
Version for tenor, baritone, orchestra and choir ad libitum:

Anthem towards a New World, for high voice and piano (2021):

The Methode van Doctor Peck en Professor Veeren (The Method of Doctor Peck and Professor Veeren), Opera in Three Acts, after a short story by Edgar Allan Poe (2021), for soloists, choir and orchestra:

Toward Forgiveness, for symphony orchestra (2019 / 2021):

Toward Freedom (2022)
Version for orchestra and choir ad libitum: (with choir) & (without choir)
Version for accordion ensemble, percussion and vocal ensemble or choir ad libitum:
Version for two pianos and vocal ensemble or choir ad libitum:

Fraternization, for wind band (2022):

‘Prikspijt’ (Life with a UR?-Code), Opera in One Act, op. 101: 

III. Interviews:
Interview with fellow musician and truth-seeker Steven Walker (video)
Interview with fellow composer Marc van Delft and fellow musician and truth-seeker Steven Walker (video) 
Interview with fellow musician Steven Walker and, as a special guest, truth seeker ánd musician Ole Dammegård
Second interview with with fellow truth seekers and musicians Steven Walker and Ole Dammegard