Plans for a 9-11 Cantata and the corona virus

It is one of my wishes to compose a ‘9-11 Cantata’, for soloists, children’s choir, mixed choir and symphony or wind orchestra, making use of a selection from the multitude of texts that make clear that nothing from the ‘official about what happened that day, adds up. Anyone who thinks he or she might perhaps be of help in realizing this project is invited to contact me.

My take on the (pre-planned?) outbreak of and the (staged?) events surrounding the outbreak of the corona virus is that they have a direct connection with 9-11 and with small group of people calling themselves ‘elite’. This has prompted me to write this article and to post it on this website, with a link to my professional Facebook page. What with Facebook: so far, I have already received a number of ‘independent fact-checker’ posts, claiming that I have posted something which isn’t true, followed by some Main Stream Media (MSM) nonsense. I am aware that next steps may be strikes and eventually my account(s) being shut down altogether. I have witnessed this happen on both Facebook and YouTube a number of times now. We’ll see. I probably would have stopped make use of Facebook long ago anyway, hadn’t it been for the fact that it can be used to spread information about all kinds of covert things that are going on in the world; things that need to be uncovered, so we can make them stop.

Fortunately, there is a lot I needn’t explain, because this has been done for me by Janet Ossebaard, MA, in her very informative video series ‘The Fall of the Cabal’, which takes the viewer step by step ever deeper into a very deep rabbit-hole. It can be watched here:

(At the moment of writing, it can still be watched on YouTube as well, for instance here:, but already the highly confronting Part 5 has been removed from several such playlists, as YouTube is part of the MSM.) I invite everyone not to discard Janet’s information straight away, but to watch her documentary to the end, or at least until the moment in the revealing Part 5, where the ‘art’ in the houses of the Podesta brothers is shown, and where Janet explains the cognitive dissonance phenomenon.

As much as I admire this documentary, I do want to point out that there are things where I have a different view. For me, this doesn’t diminish the value of the documentary and I urge you not to discard everything that is being present here as soon as you come across one item that you don’t agree with. Let me mention some of the things where I have some doubt.

While I do agree that Trump has been massively demonized by the plethora of the Mass Mind Manipulating Main Stream Media Propaganda, I do doubt whether he will be our saviour. And I also have a feeling that the so-called Q anon phenomenon (often enigmatic ‘drops’ of information, alleged to be of the highest ‘Q clearance’ level) is a subtle form of ‘controlled opposition’, a movement that pretends to be in opposition to but is in fact in cahoots with the establishment. For one thing, Q ultimately tells us to just ‘trust the plan’, thereby suggesting  that we don’t have to do anything ourselves. Disagreeing with this has brought me to write this, and I must add that, by writing her books and making her documentary, Janet herself has done a lot more than just sit back and simply trust any plan. Let me conclude by saying that I do hope that Janet is right and I am wrong about Trump and Q.

The other thing has to do with numerology, which plays a very important part in the philosophy of the ‘Cabal’. Whenever you come across the number 33 (or 33.000 etc.) in the documentary (and in many other videos), be aware that this is a masonic ‘master number’ and it is used to deliver a hidden message to fellow-evildoers in the know. Here is an example, one of many, this one having to do with the current virus:

As an aside, compare the following excerpt from the novel Eyes of Darkness (1981 / 1996) by Dean Koontz:

They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center. Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it.

with this video, where this virus is suddenly connected with the number 400:

How is it that I agree to a large extent with what is presented in Janet Ossebaard’s documentary? For me, it all started a number of years after 9-11, when I discovered that nothing about the official MSM story about what has happened, how it could happen, who were to blame, etc. makes any sense. (Who still believes the official narrative, please watch for instance this:,

then go to

and continue from there. The rabbit-hole is astonishingly deep, as Janet’s documentary makes clear.)

At this point in time, most people appear to agree that there is something wrong with the 9-11 story, as it has been brought to us. But I have a feeling that not many people let its huge implications sink in. Controlled demolition means: months, if not years, of preparation before the event; the ones who were (instantly and out of the blue) blamed for it didn’t do it; the ones who did do it got away with it, which means that they must be incredibly powerful and wealthy; they have ever since had many years to concoct more evil, and it is only logical to assume that they have. Think of the Bilderberg Conferences and the Bohemian Grove gatherings, etc. In the course of a number of years, while orchestrating new compositions or preparing orchestral parts, I listened to many audios and videos about this topic and related ones. I gradually discovered that the rabbit-hole goes all the way to Luciferianism, (generational) child abuse, human sacrifice, trauma-based mind control and the like. The whole picture is absolutely horrendous, but it is confirmed by lots and lots of witness testimonies on the internet. I have seen many such testimonies been deleted by MSM forces, by the way, only to be replaced by uploading new copies somewhere else and by ever more new testimonies. One of the many places where such testimonies can be found is at, and the many ITNJ videos that can be found on YouTube.

I then came across the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse case, in early 2015. This isn’t the place to go into this in detail. I only want to point out here that also here the official narrative doesn’t make much sense. I came into contact with Sabine McNeill, one of the protagonists in this story, and I have been in correspondence with her to this day. She is now 74 and disabled and has by now served two years of a nine-year prison sentence, for ‘harassment’ (read: standing up against the abovementioned network). I composed the song ‘Das Leben, das ich selbst gewählt’ for her:

and also cycle of five Kafka songs (, to be premiered soon after the dying down of the virus panic.

Why do I post this now? Because things are now ramping up dramatically, as indeed I came across on the internet that they would in 2020. The you-know-what virus, in tandem with the roll-out of 5G, appears to be indeed the ‘crowning’ achievement in bringing about a global problem-reaction-solution chain of events that may well result in draconic government measures and a so-called ‘New World Order’ police state. Please set aside that David Icke is primarily associated with shapeshifting reptilians and listen to this video: The future (really? vaccine as a ‘cure’ for the corona virus may well be far more dangerous than the virus itself.

Some points to conclude with:

  • Who still believes that the news from the MSM is trustworthy, please listen to Udo Ulfkotte’s testimony (he is mentioned in the documentary as well) and/ or read his book ‘Verkaufte Journalisten’ (Bought Journalists) and continue your research from there.
  • Another indication of MSM mass mind manipulation is the Gretta Thunberg phenomenon, whereby the very real problem of environment pollution is reduced to a non-existing CO2 problem, the term ‘global warming’ has been replaced by ‘climate change’, electric cars are being heavily – and misguidedly – promoted (, people are being told to be very afraid and by implication we are being given the message that there too many people living on this planet (→ the creepy texts on the Georgia Guidestones).
  • Yet another indication is too funny not to mention. Many people, also doctors and scientists, have been warning about the potential dangers of vaccination, see for instance In this article, out of the many who express their doubts, a person is chosen who also claims that his mother is an alien and that he stopped the CERN Hadron Collider from destroying the human race: As if this still isn’t sufficient to make people believe that having doubts about vaccination is utterly ridiculous, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is thrown into the mix as well.
  • Kudos for Shaun Attwood and his many videos about the late Jeffrey Epstein. As will become clear when you go through the material presented here, Epstein was a member of a large network whereby sex with underage girls and boys is part of a widespread blackmail system – and this was only the least of his crimes. Attwood is doing his part in bringing to light this aspect of what needs to come to light and then stopped. Henri Dutroux, Jimmy Savile, Harvey Weinstein, the Clintons and many others, including royalty members of several countries, were / are part of this same system and network. Kudos also for the brave Sonia Poulton, who has been interviewed three times now by Shaun Attwood. She absolutely nails it and she is strongly motivated by a desire to let the satanic system that is so utterly harmful to children, stop. I highly recommend watching this three-part series.
  • Satanism and the music industry, see for instance: (yes, Johnny Depp is involved, too, like so many others; and Say10, of course, is pronounced as Satan).
  • Some more testimonies are Roland Bernard and Fiona Barnett. And so many more, again visit the ITNJ website.
  • I can’t emphasize the importance of compassion enough, once the dam breaks and all this information hits the masses. The first reaction will understandably be shock and outrage. However, imagine how you would be when you would have been subjected to generational trauma-based mind control from even before birth, including rape and torture? To find out more about his phenomenon, go to for instance:, and from there to for instance Svali’s testimony or U.W. Ozian’s horrific book ‘Chainless Slaves’ (
  • I do not claim to be right in every detail. I may well be wrong here and there, and regarding many points, I actually hope I am. However, with regards to my posting this a Facebook, if you think that I am all wrong and have lost my marbles, feel free to unfriend me, as I feel free to unfriend anyone who reacts aggressively to this post.
  • Also feel free to spread this article, don’t even bother to mention me if you prefer not to. I don’t mind. Spreading the information is what is important. Now more than ever.

To end on a positive note: I do agree with Janet Ossebaard that eventually all will end well. Simply because the universe is designed in such a way that the power of love will always overcome. Everything will, sooner or later, Come To Light:

May it be soon. In the meantime, staying positive is of crucial importance. Life is wonderful, also today!