Toward Freedom, Symphonic Poem in Twelve Stanzas, Op. 100. Version for accordion ensemble, percussion and vocal ensemble or choir ad libitum

duration: ca. 27 minutes | setting: Orchestra with Choir

Записки сумасшедшего (Diary of a Madman), opera in one act after Gogol (unfinished)

duration: 23 min. | setting: tenor and symphony orchestra

Мысли заблудшей души (Thoughts of a lost soul), Op. 83

duration: 17 min. | setting: tenor, accordion ensemble, electronic piano and percussion

Sprookje (Fairy Tale). Ballet in one act, Op. 57

duration: 37 min. | setting: Accordion orchestra

Serenade for Accordion Orchestra, Op. 39

duration: 38 min. | setting: Accordion Orchestra

Limbo Rock Music. Version for Accordion Orchestra, with Piano and Percussion ad libitum

duration: 6 min. | setting: Accordion Orchestra, with Piano, Tamburine and Drum Set ad libitum (the piano and percussion parts are optional)