Opus 33 Music

Why opus33music.com redirects here,
what is behind the name,
and where to go from here

I. Why opus33music.com redirects here

Opus 33 Music is the name I gave to the music publishing company that I founded in 2001 in order to sell my own music. It currently has no website of its own, so be welcome here instead.

II. What is behind the name

My string sextet, Op. 33, is in fact a musical autobiography. As such, it has a special significance for me personally. It also happens to be my first composition with opus number which I didn’t submit to a publishing company.

Before the age of the computer, scorewrite programs and the copying machine, a composer would need a publishing house in order not to have to write the separate parts of an orchestral or ensemble piece himself. The percentage of sales and royalties that this publisher demanded as a compensation may have been to some extent justifiable by this. However, once the abovementioned things became household items, a composer didn’t need a publishing company for this reason any longer. Even so, the abovementioned percentages remained the same in most cases. As a result, starting with my Opus 33 string sextet, I basically stopped submitting my compositions to publishers.

III. Where to go from here

When you click the Compositions or Arrangements button, you will be easily guided towards compositions or arrangements for any specific genre that you might be interested in, in each case with mention of the publisher or distributor where a given piece of music can be obtained. In cases where you end up at Opus 33 Music, you will in a number of cases be required to send an e-mail to hallo[at]eduarddeboer.org for detailed information.

You can also click the Shop button. This will bring you to a number of PDF’s that can be purchased online. You are kindly requested to keep any purchased PDF’s for personal use only and not spread them via the internet.