“His music is melodious and tuneful. It speaks directly and yet has depth without making quasi-abstruse gestures. Expressiveness does not need to be provocative and Comitas proves that it is possible to express contemporary emotions honestly in a musical language that is still far from being exhausted or hackneyed.”
Eric Schoones in ‘Pianowereld’, March 1998

“Our innermost voice, which speaks from the heart and which to ourselves seems so eloquent, hardly ever makes itself heard in the way we would wish. Alexander Comitas has the talent not just of expressing that voice but also of giving it a melody. Nor is it his voice only: it is that of many others who would wish to let their heart, too, speak in such a way within ourselves. Through the audible music of Comitas we hear the inaudible music of our own: music of longing, of pain, of engagement. This music is not the result of composing for the sake of composing. It is music that has something to tell us, and it is this that gives the music its strength. At first hearing we are delighted by it, finding it modern and at the same time immediately pleasing. Then we find ourselves drawn to searching for more: searching, within ourselves, for the idea which speaks through the music.

“The many sides of the composer can be seen in the great variety in his work, both in character and in the diversity of instrumental combinations. This is not music for just a select few. This is music which speaks to the many, as has been proved frequently.

“Just by reading this catalogue you will sense that the commitment to music is complete. Now listen to the music and you will be completely won over to it.”
Johan Hijnberg, Chairman of the ‘As You Like It’ Foundation