3 Preludes. Version for Fanfare Orchestra, Op. 73

The sheet music of these compositions can be purchased either at sonolize.com or by contacting me directly.

I. Prelude to St. Cecilia
Commissioned by Jo Boers
Originally written for fanfare orchestra.

II. Prelude to a New Era
Dedicated to Sabine MacNeill
Originally written for fanfare orchestra. Score and parts can be purchased here.

III. Prelude to a Peaceful World

About Preludes II and III:
I personally believe that we are currently in the midst of a global transformation process, whereby all hidden things are gradually ‘coming to light’. The information now available by the so-called ‘alternative media’ on the internet is of great help in this process.

Jimmy Savile’s posthumous fall from grace has slowly begun to open people’s minds to the possibility that Luciferianism might well be real and rampant in circles of power in our present-day society. After his death in 2011, the once very popular BBC presenter turned out to have been not just a prolific sex offender, but also a paedophile, a necrophiliac and a procurer of young women and children to people in positions of power. Decades earlier, rumours about the notorious Belgian paedophile and child torturer Marc Dutroux having had ties with and protection from many high-ranking people did not substantiate. Dutroux could successfully be portrayed as an insane individual, committing his atrocities with only the help of his equally insane wife, and thus become a scapegoat, diverting attention away from his accomplices. In the case of Jimmy Savile, such a picture cannot be maintained, as it is a well-known fact that he was close friends with – and very probably protected by – British royalty and lots of other influential people, many of whom are now rumoured to be or to have been sex offenders and / or paedophiles themselves. At this moment, it seems clear that in the long run Savile’s fall from grace will have consequences for the reputation of his accomplices.

We are also becoming aware that Satanic rituals don’t stop with the horror of child abuse. Not just rape, but also torture and murder are part of such rituals. The internet abounds with information pointing into this direction, and in recent months, literally thousands of films about Satanic ritual abuse have been added to Youtube alone. Here are links to just a few of the many available examples:

Satanic elite and ritual abuse (German documentary, Dutch subtitles):
 (One of the victims, Noemi, recalls several meetings of her abusive father with Marc Dutroux. Both clearly appear to be part of a network.)
An excerpt from this documentary, with English subtitles: Extreme “Satanic” Paedophilia Testimony: Deborah & the elite German and French ring:
Satanic human sacrifice FBI raid 1998:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9CtZDsoOfE (Halfway this video there is an excerpt from a so-called ‘snuff movie’, a movie where can be seen how someone is being murdered. Warning: extremely graphic!)
Institutional child abuse:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=69TtyKith_M (A compilation of many similar testimonies, each of which may be difficult to believe. The cumulative effect of all of these stories, however, is compelling.)

In 2013, I wrote a composition called Coming to Light about this subject. It musically depicts a satanic ritual that is being put an end to by a ‘new dawn’. The Prelude to a New Era and the Prelude to a Peaceful World can be seen as addenda to this piece. They have an overall peaceful atmosphere, depicting how the world will be, once the shockwaves of the coming public disclosure of the Satanic practices that have dominated our world far too long, will have subsided and Satanic rituals will have stopped. As the testimonies of many Illuminati defectors like for instance ex-trainer and whistleblower Svali make clear, the members of Satanic cults are victims themselves, having been severely tortured and abused, both physically and mentally, from early youth on, and suffering the effects of trauma-based hypnosis as a result (see for instance www.svalispeaks.com). It will be very important to realize this, in order to prevent French revolution-like scenes, which would only bring about a prolonging of the chain of repeating cycles of violence that we would so gladly break in this era of transformation.

Eduard de Boer, June 22nd, 2015

I. Prelude to St. Cecilia

II. Prelude to a New Era

Koninklijke Fanfare St. Caecilia, Puth conducted by Chris Derikx

II. Prelude to a Peaceful World

There are also versions for wind orchestra of the Prelude to St. Cecilia and the Prelude to a New Era.

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