Bubbles, the movie

Watch Bubbles, the movie

In this movie I tell the story of the composition ‘Bubbles’. A number of Dutch music experts considered this piece to be of a high compositorical quality. Essentially, though, it was child’s play…

The article mentioned toward the end of the movie is called ‘Busoni’s Garden’. It can be downloaded for free.

The excerpts from ‘The Witches’ Cauldron’ are performed by the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the Augsburg Conservatory, conducted by Maurice Hamers. The complete performance can be heard here:

Here are the links for the Tertia Pars from my choral song cycle ‘Cantica Aviditatis’ (Songs of Greed), mentioned at the very end:
No. X. Amara Tanta Tyri:

No. XI & XII. Stabilitas & Clausula:

For the performers of the excerpt from No. 11 from this cycle, click on the above mentioned link.

Click here for a complete sound rendering with score of ‘Bubbles’: