Cantica Aviditatis (Songs of Greed), Op. 48

Texts compiled from the Carmina Burana

Prima Pars: Nummus Imperator Mundi (First Part: The Mammon, Emperor of the World)
I. Nummus Regnat Ubique (The Mammon Reigns Everywhere)
II. Ex Evangelii Secundum Marcus Argenti (From the Gospel According to Marc Silver) Attacca:
III. Supplicium (Supplication)
IV. Hymnus ad Beneficii Auctorem (Hymn to a Benefactor)
V. Dare – Tenere (Give – Keep)
VI. Vox Nummi (The Sound of Money)

Secunda Pars: In Nomine Decii (Second Part: In the Name of Decius)
VII. Hiemali Tempore (During the Wintertime)
VIII. Ve, Decie! (Alas, Decius!) Attacca:
IX. Ex Officii Lusorum (From the Gamblers’ Mass)

Tertia Pars: De Rerum Cursu (Third Part: The Course of Time)
X. Amara Tanta Tyri (Amara Tanta Tyri)        attacca:
XI. Stabilitas (Constancy):                             attacca:
XII. Clausula (Conclusion)

Commissioned by the ‘Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst’
Dedicated to Steven Hond (Prima Pars), Henk Alkema (Secunda Pars) and in memory of the ‘Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst’ (Tertia Pars)



Emilio Ponce, tenor; Falco Hönisch, baritone; Brabant Choir & Dutch National Youth Wind Orchestra conducted by Roger Niese

Vocal score available