Tombeau voor Hans Kox, op. 87 nr. 3. Version for two pianos

duration: 3 min. | setting: Two Pianos

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 59. Reduction for Two PianosĀ 

duration: 31 min. | setting: 2 Pianos

Foxtrot over een Nederlands Volksliedje (Foxtrot on a Dutch Folk Tune), Op. 7 nr. 1. Version for Two Pianos Eight Hands

duration: 2 min. | setting: for Two Pianos Eight Hands

Tarantula, for Piano Duet, Op. 3

duration: 6 min. | setting: Piano Four Hands

Prelude to the Parable for the Search of the Soul. Version for piano four hands

duration: 5 min. | setting: Piano four hands