En el Reino del Sueño (In the Realm of Sleep), for alto saxophone, vibraphone, violoncello, contrabass and piano, op. 90 nr. 1

Commissioned for the Senttix project and Mr. Pedro Arcas by the Asociación Amigos de la Música de Yecla, Spain

My friend Ángel Hernandez Azorín came up with a suggestion to compose a piece about sleeping and dreaming, for an unusual combination of instruments: alto saxophone, vibraphone, violoncello, contrabass and piano. This idea resulted in a benign commission from the matrasses factory Ecus in Yecla.

The composition describes a night with sleeping and dreaming, and finally awakening with new energy and vigour. There are three movements:

  1. Durmiendo (Sleeping), for alto saxophone, contrabass and piano. A movement with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere
  2. Soñando. (Dreaming), for violoncello, vibraphone and piano. About processing occurrences of the past day. At times, the atmosphere is somewhat surreal.
  3. Nueva Aurora (A New Dawn), for all instruments. Having slept well and having benefited from dreaming has brought new vigour and energy for a bright new day.

It has been a great pleasure to write this composition, about a phenomenon we all know so well.