Flevoland Suite, Op. 12

I. Inleiding (Introduction)
II. Beweging (Movement)
III. Harderbroek
IV. Het Morris Observatorium (The Morris Observatory)
V. De Vogelweg (The Bird Road)
VI. Kavel JZ-20 (Piece of Land JZ-20)
VII. Finale:
1. Naar buiten (In the Country) –
2. Rondvlucht (Aerial Tour) –
3. Nachtwake (Vigil) –
4. Zonsopgang (Sunrise)

Based on music for the documentary Kunst op de Bodem
Commissioned by the municipalities of Lelystad and Almere
Dedicated to Kees Maaswinkel

Youtube (Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Roland Kieft):

II. Movement:

III. Harderbroek:

V. De Vogelweg: