Liederen van de Dood (Songs of Death), Song Cycle for Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra, op. 85

Pianouittreksel met Voorwerk – Excerpts

Text: Willem Wilmink:

  1. De ballade van de gehangenen (The ballad of the hanged men) (after François Villon) (Soprano and Tenor)
  2. De zieke roos (O rose, thou art sick) (after William Blake) (Tenor)
  3. De gestolen teddybeer (The stolen teddybear) (Soprano)
  4. De hel (Hell) (Soprano and Tenor)
  5. Voorspoken (Pre-ghosts / Pre-haunting)* (Tenor)
  6. Het stervende kind (The dying child) (after H.C. Andersen) (Soprano)
  7. Zingende doden (Singing dead) (Soprano and Tenor)

*) ‘Voorspoken’ is a compound of voor and spoken and doesn’t exist as such in Dutch. Voor means before or pre-, and spoken means either ghosts or to haunt, depending on whether it is seen as a noun or a verb.

Commissioned by Muziekvereniging “Wilhelmina” Glanerbrug, with financial support of the Dutch Fund for the Podium Arts
Dedicated to Muziekvereniging “Wilhelmina” Glanerbrug and their conductor Fried Dobbelsteen
Duration: ca. 33 min.