March of Iskahdar – Khan. Version for Fanfare Orchestra, Op. 81

So far co-commissioned by[1]:

  • Johan Jansen and Eline van den Bos
  • Fanfare Orchestra ‘Concordia’, Meterik and their conductor Chris Derikx
  • Thom Zigterman
  • Fanfare orchestra Emergo, Castricum and their conductor Erik van de Kolk
  • Gelders Fanfare Orkest

There is also a version for wind orchestra, op. 81a.

[1] This composition is a crowdfunding project. I also wrote a version of it for standard wind orchestra, and for € 250, you and / or your orchestra can become one of the commissioners of either version: you will then receive PDF material of the score and the parts, my trust that you will not distribute this material, and you will also be mentioned in this preface to the score as a co-commissioner. If you feel like participating, please contact me at hallo[at]

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