An Ardent Love Affair, Cantata for tenor, baritone, choir ad libitum and orchestra, op. 97 bis, inspired by ‘Scenario LOCK STEP, a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback’, by the Rockefeller Foundation (2010)

duration: 12 min. | setting: Tenor, Baritone, Mixed Choir ad libitum and Orchestra

Записки сумасшедшего (Diary of a Madman), opera in one act after Gogol (unfinished)

duration: 23 min. | setting: tenor and symphony orchestra

Übers Niederträchtige (Acht Lieder nach Texten von Goethe und Shakespeare) About Baseness (Eight Songs after texts by Goethe and Shakespeare). Version for Mezzo Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra Op. 87 nr. 1

duration: 16 min. | setting: Mezzosoprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Fünf Lieder nach Texten Franz Kafkas (Five Songs after Texts by Franz Kafka). Version for baritone and large symphonic wind orchestra, Op. 86a

duration: 22 min. | setting: Baritone and Large Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Liederen van de Dood (Songs of Death), Song Cycle for Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra, op. 85

duration: ca. 33 min. | setting: Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Ave Maria. Version for Soprano, Mezzo or Alto and Wind Orchestra

duration: 5 min. | setting: Two Flugelhorns and Wind Orchestra

Мысли заблудшей души (Thoughts of a lost soul), Op. 83

duration: 17 min. | setting: tenor, accordion ensemble, electronic piano and percussion

Lieder und Tänze der Nacht (Songs and Dances of the Night). Version for Soprano Harp, Piano, Cembalo and String Orchestra, Op. 26a

duration: 28 min. | setting: Soprano Harp, Piano, Cembalo and String Orchestra

Galgenlieder. Song Cycle for Bassbaritone and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 5

duration: 22 min. | setting: Bassbaritone and Symphony Orchestra (4143-4221-timp.,perc.-harp,piano-str.)