The Symphonic Colour Factory, Op. 80

duration: ca. 20 min. without narrator; a few minutes more with narrator | setting: Symphony Orchestra (3222-4231-timp.,perc.-harp-str.)

Hommage aan Johan Wagenaar (Homage to Johan Wagenaar), Op. 74 

duration: 13 min. | setting: Symphony Orchestra (2222-3330-timp.,perc.-harp-str)

Symphony Nr. III ‘A Tribute to Komitas’. Version for Symphony Orchestra, Op. 65a

duration: 60 min. | setting: Version for Symphony Orchestra (3333-4331-timp.,perc.-harp-str.)

Variations and Fugue on an Original Theme (Vita Aeterna Variations). Version for Symphony Orchestra, Op. 62 no. 2a 

duration: 20 min. | setting: Version for Symphony Orchestra (3333-423 euph. 1-timp., perc.-str.)

Ode aan Etty, Op. 45 no. 1

duration: 25 min. | setting: Chamber orchestra (3130-2 AS,TS-0310-perc.-piano,2 keyb.-2 gt.,bsgt.-str.)

A Night on Culbin Sands. Version for Symphony Orchestra, Op. 38 no. 1a

duration: 11 min. | setting: Symphony orchestra (4233-4331-timp.,perc.-harp,keyb.-str.)

Symphony no. II ’From the Song of Songs’, Op. 30

duration: 62 min. | setting: Soprano, Tenor, Mixed Chorus and Large Orchestra (4343-4431-timp.,perc.-2 harps,cel.-str.)

Eureka! Fantasy Overture for Large Orchestra, Op. 24

duration: 14 min. | setting: Large symphony orchestra (3343-5431-timp.,perc.-2 harps,cel.-str.)

Symphony no. I ’Uit het Dagboek van Etty Hillesum’ (’From Etty Hillesum Diary’), Op. 20

duration: 40 min. | setting: Large symphony orchestra (5454-8632-2x timp.,perc.-2 harps,cel.,organ-str.)

Walpurgis-Night from the Ballet Magic Mountain, Op. 15a

duration: 12 min. | setting: Symphony orchestra (3333-4331-timp.,perc.-harp,cel.-str.)

Magic Mountain, Phantastic Scenes inspired by Thomas Mann and Thomas de Quincey, Op. 15

duration: 31 min. | setting: Symphony orchestra (3333-4331-timp.,perc.-harp,cel.-str.)

Flevoland Suite, Op. 12

duration: 25 min. | setting: Symphony or chamber orchestra (2000-3000-str.)

Blauwvingers (Bluefingers), Op. 8. Fantasy for Orchestra

duration: 18 min. | setting: Symphony orchestra (3222-4230-timp.,perc.-str.)

Foxtrot over een Nederlands Volksliedje (Foxtrot on a Dutch Folk Tune). Version for Chamber Orchestra, Op. 7 no. 1

duration: 2 min. | setting: Chamber orchestra (1121-1210-timp.,perc.-pianino-str.)

Arina’s Droom (Arina’s Dream), Op. 6

duration: 12 min. | setting: Chamber orchestra (2222-2100-timp.,perc.-cel.-str.)

Hommage aan Dmitri Sjostakowitsj (Homage to Dmitri Shostakovich), Op. 4 

duration: 9 min. | setting: Symphony orchestra (2220-3331-timp.,perc.-harp-piano-str.)

Dance of Celebration from ‘Mindia’. Version for Symphony Orchestra

duration: 3 min. | setting: Symphony Orchestra (3233-4331-timp.,perc.-str.)

Prelude to the Parable of the Search for the Soul. Version for Symphony Orchestra with Organ

duration: 5 min. | setting: Symphony Orchestra with Organ (2222-4000-timp.-harp-str.)