Via ad Veniam (The Road to Forgiveness). For fanfare orchestra, Op. 89 nr. 2

duration: 16½ min. | setting: Fanfare Orchestra

Fünf Lieder nach Texten Franz Kafkas (Five Songs after Texts by Franz Kafka). Version for baritone and large symphonic wind orchestra, Op. 86a

duration: 22 min. | setting: Baritone and Large Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Liederen van de Dood (Songs of Death), Song Cycle for Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra, op. 85

duration: ca. 33 min. | setting: Soprano, Tenor and Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Ave Maria. Version for Soprano, Mezzo or Alto and Wind Orchestra

duration: 5 min. | setting: Two Flugelhorns and Wind Orchestra

Мысли заблудшей души (Thoughts of a lost soul), Op. 83

duration: 17 min. | setting: tenor, accordion ensemble, electronic piano and percussion

Lieder und Tänze der Nacht (Songs and Dances of the Night). Version for Soprano Harp, Piano, Cembalo and String Orchestra, Op. 26a

duration: 28 min. | setting: Soprano Harp, Piano, Cembalo and String Orchestra

Galgenlieder. Song Cycle for Bassbaritone and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 5

duration: 22 min. | setting: Bassbaritone and Symphony Orchestra (4143-4221-timp.,perc.-harp,piano-str.)