Coming to Light. Version for Wind Orchestra, Op. 68

Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Defense
Composed for and dedicated to the Koninklijke Militaire Kapel ‘Johan Willem Friso’ (Royal Military Band ‘Johan Willem Friso’) and their conductor Tijmen Botma

In 2000, I composed a piece for choir, fanfare orchestra and large percussion ensemble, called Walpurgisnacht, to words from Goethe’s Faust. The composition was premiered in July 2001. A few months later , the New York Twin Towers were destroyed. In the years to come, my view of the world would change drastically.

As many people are now aware of, the official story about 9/11 has far too many inconsistencies and leaves far too many questions unanswered to be credible. I will limit myself here to mentioning that not just the Twin Towers collapsed, but also the so-called ‘Building 7’, even though it wasn’t hit by anything at all. A comparison comes to mind with the so-called ‘false flag’ ‘Operation Northwoods’ (you can google it if you don’t know about this). Once considered a ‘conspiracy theory’, Operation Northwoods is now factual history, since its gradual declassification in the years between 1997 and 2001.

It leaves one wondering what more schemes people in elite positions are able to concoct. Personally, I believe 9/11 to be Operation Northwoods 2.0. To cut a long story short, reaching this conclusion gradually opened my mind, step by step, to the possibility that there are Satanists in circles of power worldwide, who have been performing a great many atrocities over the years, among which large-scale sexual abuse of children. This suspicion only grew when I heard of the atrocities that BBC presenter Jimmy Savile had been able to get away with during his whole life, up to his death in 2011; this in relation to the many connections he had to high-profile people.

Here are just a few examples of the many stories I have come across up till now, always pointing to the same: the existence of a large global network of powerful people who indulge in satanic rituals whereby children are sexually abused and killed:
Satanic elite and ritual abuse (German documentary, Dutch subtitles): (One of the victims, Noemi, recalls several meetings of her abusive father with Marc Dutroux. Both are clearly part of a network.)
An excerpt from this documentary, with English subtitles: Extreme “Satanic” Paedophilia Testimony: Deborah & the elite German and French ring:
Satanic human sacrifice FBI raid 1998: (Halfway this video there is an excerpt from a ‘snuff movie’. Warning: extremely graphic!)
Institutional child abuse: (Many similar testimonies, each of which may be difficult to believe. The cumulative effect of all of these stories, however, is compelling.)

When in the spring of 2013 conductor Tijmen Botma requested me to compose a truly virtuoso piece for him and his Royal Military Band ‘Johan Willem Friso’ wind orchestra, I felt very honoured by this offer, which I accepted with gratitude. I felt the need to ‘do something’ with the knowledge I had recently gained, so I decided to musically depict a satanic ritual that is being put an end to by a ‘new dawn’. I wanted to use my earlier composition Walpurgisnacht as a starting point, since Walpurgis night or Beltane, the night from April the 30th to May the 1st, is said to be one of the most important nights on the satanic calendar; a night during which blood rituals and human sacrifice take place.

The structure of the composition:
The first movement is called Satanic Ritual. It starts with a slow and dark introduction, gradually leading to a diabolical march. The music comes to a temporary halt, followed by a frenzied bacchanalian dance. After a while, this dance reaches a climax and is then suddenly interrupted by a return of music from the slow introduction, now even softer and more sinister. After this, the music gradually becomes lively again, building up towards a new climax. But then, rather unexpectedly, the dance dies down, as the first signs of the coming daylight emerge. In the words from Goethe’s Faust:

Wolkenzug und Nebelflor
Erhellen sich von oben.
Bleich noch, kommt das Morgenlicht hervor…
Und alles ist zerstoben.

Cloud-drift and hazy gauze
Brighten from above.
Still bleak, the morning light comes forth …
And everything is scattered.

After some music of ‘reviewing and pondering’, based on the slow introduction, there is a new buildup, but now a tender and a positive one, leading to the second part: A New Dawn. The theme of the grotesque march is now transformed into a depiction of a new daybreak, with light getting brighter and brighter, eventually reaching the darkest corners of the planet.


There is also a version for brass band, Op. 68 bis.

There is also an abridged version for brassband, called Coming to Light Shortly. An impression of this version, in the form of a performance of the version for wind band with cut, can be heard here: