Coming to Light Shortly, for Brass Band

Dedicated to Alisa and Gabriel Dearman

My composition Coming to Light was originally written for symphonic wind orchestra. A performance of the piece can be heard here, together with information about it in the desciption box. In 2015, I transcribed the piece for brass band. Since the piece is too long to be usable as a test piece, I then searched for a way to abrigde it without making musical concessions. I found a section that could be cut, if I made some changes in the music right before and after the cut. This recording gives a first impression of this shortened version. I made a cut in the recording for wind band at 13:01. Please keep in mind that the music around the cut has been altered somewhat.

There is also a version for brass band, Op. 68 bis, of the composition Coming to Light without cut.

An impression of Coming to Light Shortly, in the form of a performance of the version for wind band with cut, can be heard here: