Two Pieces for the Dance Performance ‘Alice in Wonderland’

I. Snoepjeswals (Candy Waltz)
II. Hertogin en Lakeien (Duchess and Lackeys)
Composed for teachers and pupils of the Music and Dance School Texel, as part of a dance performance

The Waltz has been incorporated in Uit een Sprookje. As such there are versions for two orchestras, Op. 50a,for wind orchestra, Op. 50b (Youtube:, for cello and piano, Op. 50c, and for fanfare orchestra, Op. 50d. It has also been been incorporated in Sprookje (Fairy Tale) for accordion orchestra (Youtube:, starting at 29:42) and in Divertissement for multiple pianos.

Hertogin en Lakeien has been incorporated in the opera ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, Op. 55 and can be heard here:, starting at 3:33, and in Sprookje (Fairy Tale), for accordion orchestra (Youtube, starting at 11:58). There is also a version for six pianists on five pianos, called Garderius.