Uit een Sprookje (From a Fairy Tale). Version for Wind Orchestra and Music School Orchestra, Op. 50a

I. Er was eens… (Once upon a time…)
II. Zorgen (Sorrow)
III. Gevecht (Fight)
IV. Happy End
V. En ze leefden nog … (And they lived happily…)

Commissioned by Stichting De Kunst

There is also a version of this piece for wind orchestra, Op. 50b (Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzkDClaRXE4&list=PLFphAvDeWM1RW7PWSX6fIU3A4A5njXCY2), and also one for cello and piano, Op. 50c.
The composition has been incorporated in Sprookje (Fairy Tale) for accordion orchestra.
Movements III and IV have also been been arranged for fanfare orchestra and have also been incorporated in Divertissement for multiple pianos.

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